Oktoberfest Lost Property 2013Here you will find an overview of the weird and wonderful items that went missing from the 2013 Munich Oktoberfest
Segways, garden gnomes and wedding rings are just some of the many items that went missing from this year’s Oktoberfest. Every year, thousands of items find their way into lost property at this, the world’s most famous beer festival.

Some lose their memory whilst swaying to and fro and raising their beer glasses above their heads, whilst others lose their wallets from their short trouser pockets when riding on the roller coasters.  Unlike lost memories, material things are often reunited with their owners. The lost property department at the Oktoberfest is home to an enormous pile of mobile phones, ID cards, sweater jackets and other such odds and ends. Our infographic provides a summary of the funniest, strangest and most important facts about the lost property department at the Oktoberfest.

Chaos prevails at this busy, overflowing hub. Hundreds of garments have been salvaged including traditional Bavarian clothes and shoes.  At first glance you may be inclined to think that the Oktoberfest is a kind of Bavarian Woodstock, where more and more items of clothing are removed as the level of alcohol consumption increases. An FC Bayern Munich garden gnome who had made himself comfortable on one of the abandoned picnic tables has also aroused suspicion. His owner probably decided to take him along out of sheer patriotism and then swiftly forgot about him. One visitor was clearly abiding by the well-known the rule ‘Do not drink and drive’ when he left his Segway behind at the Oktoberfest. He had been brave enough to park his rolling vehicle next to one of the beer tents, from where it later made its way to lost property. The Oktoberfest goer who managed to lose 50,000 euros in cash might not be feeling quite so content however. While mobile phones, identity cards and keys are often handed in by honest individuals, it’s more than likely that the cash has changed hands. To this day the money remains unfound.

All items found at the Oktoberfest are kept hold of long after the event has finished. Valuables lost at this year’s event can be collected right up until February 1st 2014, after which time auctions are held.
So when February comes along, why not try your luck, maybe you can win a segway, a guitar or even a little dachshund..