Michael Jackson's 10 Ultimate Fashion TrademarksSTYLIGHT's Countdown of Michael Jackson's 10 Ultimate Fashion Trademarks, next to the King of Pop also a true King of Style

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Michael Jackson was not only the King of Pop; in many ways he was also the King of Style. From the very beginning of his career, Michael had a very particular sense of style that, at times, only he could pull off. In fact, he popularized many fashion items that would go on to become huge trends throughout his career as well as we divulge the secret behind his quirk with the spangled knee high socks. On June 25th it will be 5 years since he passed away, and as a tribute to his legendary fashion, we have broken down his ultimate fashion trademarks with some amazing facts about each one. So “shamone” and take a look into Michael Jackson’s wardrobe!

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Do You Remember The Time…


In 1983 Michael performed his hit single ‘Billie Jean’ at the Motown 25 event and the performance instantly became legendary. Not only did he debut his famous moonwalk during the show, he also introduced his single, white rhinestone glove with the matching Cufflinks to the world.
Something you might not have known about that night: during the performance, Michael tossed his sequin jacket to a fan in the audience. Apparently, somebody then grabbed the jacket and stole it from the fan. Michael saw this however, and sent his bodyguards to retrieve the jacket. Later, he personally returned the jacket to the fan backstage.

Slave to the Rhythm

At the Billboard Awards this year, Jackson was briefly resurrected again for a mind-blowing performance. A hologram Michael Jackson was shown dancing and singing to ‘Slave To The Rhythm’, a new song from his posthumous album Xscape, released this May. We were amazed by the awesome technology, and thrilled to see a glimpse of the King of Pop once again. In case you missed it, see the special performance in the video below:

Thanks to this new technology, Michael’s incredible back catalogue, and his newly released posthumous album, the spirit of Michael Jackson lives on. Fans around the world continue to celebrate his incredible talent and remember the ways in which he inspired generations of people.
So, in the spirit of the King of Pop, Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) and Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough with this ultimate Michael Jackson playlist!

Which ultimate fashion item of Michael Jackson’s is your favourite? Let us know using the hashtag #KingofStyle

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